MIKI HOUSE Gauze Mask for Children

To reassure the safety of children and their families, MIKI HOUSE has developed face masks for children.
MIKI HOUSE’s kid-sized gauze masks are made with Pureveil, an antibacterial and antiviral material used in our infant clothing line.
Pureveil has been developed to safely minimize the risk of our children being infected by bacteria and viruses on the clothes and bedding they touch every day.
We bring you a thoughtfully-designed, comfortable face mask for children.

Features of MIKI HOUSE Gauze Mask for Children

Size: Approx. 12x9cm (excluding elastic strings) Pictured product is pink (cherry blossom print).

● Use of Antibacterial and Antiviral Material

We use Pureveil, an antibacterial and antiviral material with Etak® infused on both sides.

● Soft Texture and Comfortable Fit

The soft masks are made with 100% cotton.
We have thoughtfully chosen the material and shape of the mask to make breathing as easy as possible.
The center of the mask is raised for a three-dimensional shape that fits perfectly, and does not lose shape easily.
The sides of the mask naturally gather to perfectly fit the contours of the face when worn.

● Safe and Comfortable Pureveil

Pureveil reduces the number of viruses on the material’s surface. The material also eradicates bacterial growth.
Though most masks develop unpleasant odors and bacterial growth due to trapped moisture, Pureveil also reduces odors.

● Withstands 50 Washes

Due to a special manufacturing technique, the mask will be effective even after 50 washes.
You may wash this product multiple times at home.
Please use a mesh laundry bag when washing.

About Pureveil

What if we could reduce the risk of our children getting infected by the bacteria and viruses on the clothes and bedding they touch every day? Our antibacterial, antiviral Pureveil products were born as the answer to our question.
The antibacterial and antiviral Pureveil process was researched and discovered by Professor Hiroki Nikawa from Hiroshima University. He discovered the antibacterial ingredient “Etak®,” which can be embedded into cloth.
Etak® is an antibacterial ingredient used in oral hygiene, and is a safe yet highly effective antibacterial agent.

About Etak® Used in Pureveil

Researched and discovered by Professor Hiroki Nikawa from Hiroshima University, Etak® is an antibacterial agent.
Etak® is an antibacterial ingredient used in oral hygiene, and has been verified as a both safe and effective antibacterial agent.

Because alcohol evaporates over time, most alcohol gels are only temporarily effective and can allow bacterial growth over time. On the other hand, the effectiveness of Etak® is long lasting and will keep bacterial growth at bay.

Features of Pureveil

a.High Safety

Pureveil’s Etak® has not only been used as an active ingredient in oral hygiene, but has also passed various safety tests.

b.Durability Against Washes

A special manufacturing technique that infuses Etak® into the fibers of the cloth allow Pureveil products to be washed over 50 times without losing its effectiveness.

c.Eliminates Bacterial Growth on the Surface and Minimizes Viruses

Pureveil has been tested against Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, E. coli, Moraxella, Aspergilius niger, black mold, etc.

The Effect of Pureveil on Bacteria and Viruses on the Surface

It is said that when bacteria and viruses settle on regular cloth, viruses will remain on the surface for 24~72 hours. Bacteria may even multiply under certain conditions.
On the other hand, Pureveil is infused with Etak®, which reduces the number of certain viruses that can settle on the surface. It can also eliminate certain bacterial growth.


  • “Antibacterial・Antiviral Processing” is not made to treat or prevent illnesses.
  • “Antiviral Processing” does not stop viruses from working.
  • Tests for antiviral properties were conducted with ATCC VR-1679 (with envelope) and ATCC VR-782 (without envelope) at 25℃ for two hours.

About the Safety of Etak® and the Effect of Pureveil

We spoke with Professor Hiroki Nikawa, the inventor of the antibacterial and antiviral ingredient “Etak®.”

“It is incredibly important to reduce the risk of babies and children getting infected by viruses. It is not as necessary to panic about bacteria. This is because children will be exposed to various bacteria as they grow and need to develop resistance. Viruses on the other hand could cause serious symptoms, and it is of utmost importance to reduce risk.

To do so, moms and dads need to first be wary of becoming carriers of bacteria or viruses themselves.
For example, washing your hands thoroughly or using hand sanitizer before hugging your baby or child could be a crucial step in reducing risk of infection for them, and can ultimately alleviate your worries.

To further minimize risk of infection, you could choose clothes that have been made with antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Regular masks can host a concentrated amount of viruses and bacteria on its surface. However this Gauze Mask for Children has the ability to weaken those bacteria and viruses. Moreover, the inside of regular masks traps in moisture from the breath, which can lead to further bacterial growth or unpleasant odors. This mask, due to the effects of Etak®, can minimize the scent as well. You can also wash it many times without losing its effectiveness, which is helpful in this time where there is a shortage of masks.”

(March 24h 2020 MIKI HOUSE Interview at Hiroshima University)

Hiroki Nikawa

Dentist, Doctor of Dentistry, Japan Dental Prosthodontic Society Instructor, Infection Control Doctor
Hiroshima University Graduate School of Medicine Oral Biotechnology Professor, Expertise and research include Candida albicans and caries, oral flora and caries risk, immunity and Candida, application of probiotics in oral cavity, invention of antibacterial ingredient “Etak®” and the antibacterial/antiviral process, and constructing simulation models of the temporomandibular joint using MR images. His work has resulted in blocking the development of caries, the discovery of the antibacterial L8020 lactic acid bacteria, the development of yogurt products, and several patents related to sanitizing ingredients. His books include Cleaning Dentures (Dental Diamond, 2002), Dental Oral Antibacterial Study (Media Corporation, 2015), etc.


【Notable Positions and Affiliations】
Japan Dental Technology Association Chairman, Japan Society of Dental Science and Engineering Councilor, Japanese Society of Oral Science Councilor
Japan Society of Bactericidal and Fungicide Councilor, Japan Society of Dentistry CAD/CAM Councilor

April 16th 2013: 2013 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Awards Science and Technology Award
November 10th 2014: Hiroshima University President’s Award

Product Description

MIKI HOUSE Gauze Mask for Children

  • Product Name: MIKI HOUSE Gauze Mask for Children
  • Price: ¥1,800 (Set of 2 patterns)/excludes tax
  • Size: One
  • Color: Pink・Blue
  • Age: Approx. 2~5
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Size: Approx. 12x9cm (excluding elastic strings)
  • Made in Japan (both fabric and assembly)
  • Pink (Cherry Blossom Print・Star Print)

    The Pink set includes one Cherry Blossom Print and one Star Print.

  • Blue (Mt. Fuji Print・Animal Print)

    The Blue set includes one Mt. Fuji Print and one Animal Print.

How to Wear the Mask

MIKI HOUSE Gauze Mask for Children is meant for children ages 2~5.
The sides of the mask naturally gather to perfectly fit the contours of the face when worn.

  • 2 year old

  • 3 year old

  • 5 year old

MIKI HOUSE Pureveil Products Pureveil


Pureveil has been developed to safely minimize the risk of our children being infected by bacteria and viruses on the clothes and bedding they touch every day. MIKI HOUSE currently carries 89 products made with Pureveil, including clothing for newborns, hadagi, underwear, baby hats and mittens, duvet covers, etc.


FAQ on MIKI HOUSE Gauze Mask for Children

Question1How is it different from regular masks?

The mask is made with an antibacterial and antiviral process (Pureveil) that is used in our hadagi as well.

Question2The age range for this product is 2~5 years old, can children not in this range use this product?

The age range is an approximation, so please use your discretion on whether the mask fits. However, children under 2 may find difficulty breathing, dislike wearing the mask, or use it incorrectly, so please keep an eye on them at all times while using the product. In addition, do not let your child use this product while sleeping.

Question3Can I wash this product in the laundry multiple times? Will the antibacterial benefits still be effective?

Yes, you may wash this product multiple times. Please wash in a mesh laundry bag at home. The antibacterial and antiviral ingredients are embedded in the product, so it will continue to be effective even after washing.

Question4Is there only a kids size? Is there an adult size?

We only carry one size for children. We do not carry an adult size.

Question5PIs Pureveil effective against Covid-19?

Unfortunately, we have not tested this product against Covid-19 and cannot claim that it is effective against coronavirus.

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