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The most adorable time in baby's life just got even cuter! MIKI HOUSE Micro-Fur Series


Want to make the cutest time with your baby even more fun and sweet?

The MIKI HOUSE Micro-Fur Series, created to enhance that most adorable time in baby's life when they are starting to sit, grab, and stand, is proud to introduce their irresistible items.

The full array of items such as the cape and coveralls featuring ears on the hood, ensure that going out in even the coldest weather can be fun!

It's not only the design that makes this line great.
With baby as the top priority, the quality of the Micro-Fur Series has the feeling of real fur that is soft and gentle to baby’s skin.
The Micro-Fur Series also makes the perfect gift for the expecting mother.
A great present to celebrate the babies born this summer!

3 Key Features of the MIKI HOUSE Micro-Fur Series.

●Superbly Soft

Delicate, supple, and soft for your delicate babies. Make sure to feel how soft it is with your own hands.

●Delightfully Warm

The smooth fur was made using extremely fine threads to prevent the warm air created by baby’s body from escaping. This makes this series exceptional in terms of maintaining warmth.

●Easy Maintenance

Each item can be hand-washed at home without compromising the soft, supple texture of the fabric.

What is the attraction to the adorably warm Micro-Fur?

Micro-fur is a convenient, cold-fighting item with the soft, supple feeling of real fur.
Along with the beige bear and white rabbit designs featuring the hoods with ears, there is also a pink rabbit design.
The secret to the softness of the micro-fur is the fine threads of polyester.
The appearance and feel won't change even after being laundered (hand-washing).
When baby wears the items, the dense, long and narrow fur ensures that the body heat created by baby's body stays inside, making the items very warm.
The micro-fur series also excels in functionality. The inside of the clothing that touches baby's skin is made of cotton, wicking away any sweat.
Fasteners of the front of the coveralls, as well as hooks in the thigh area, make it easy for diaper changing.
Furthermore, safety belts in car seats and strollers can be applied without taking it off baby. You can even wash it by hand, making it even more convenient and easy.
Whatever you put on your child needs to, of course, be cute, but it’s also important to select items that are functional and easy to use for both yourselves and baby.

Love for the Micro-Fur Series from moms like you!

“When I was shopping for a present for my friends baby shower, I saw this in the store and it was love at first sight. The soft fluffiness of the fabric was cute, but the bear and bunny ears really looked like a plush stuffed animal, it was so sweet! I gifted this as a set with the mittens and booties, my friend was so happy.” (Expectant Mom, 30s)

“I knew I wanted to dress my kids in the Micro-Fur Series clothing even before they were born. I like the coveralls with the rabbit ears. They are soft to the touch and the warmth can’t be beat, and don’t forget how cute it is!” (Mom, 30s)

Don’t miss the chance to dress your little ones in the adorable Micro-Fur Series! Dress them up in your favorite items and be the talk of the town next time you take baby out. These items are so cute, there is no mistaking that even on social media your baby will be making waves.

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