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How should I put the underwear on the baby?


So you bought a piece of clothing for a newborn baby but now you keep wondering "How should it be worn by the baby", and "How should I use it properly?" Do you have doubts? Since this is the first time, it is only natural. Allow us to provide some introductory information about the proper way for how "underwear" should be worn by babies every day.

Short underwear + combination underwear = let's make it a double set

  • Combination underwear

  • Short underwear

Regardless of in which season of the year a baby is born, the type of underwear that many people prepare for the baby is the "short underwear" and the "combination underwear" (or the long underwear). In most cases, combination underwear is worn on top of short underwear. This is because there is a difference between the role of short and long underwear: short underwear is worn to absorb sweat, while combination underwear is worn to keep the baby warm.

Babies' bodies do not have yet the capability to regulate their body's temperature as it is not yet fully developed, although they do have as many sweat glands as adults. That is why they sweat a lot! To make these babies as comfortable as possible, it is recommended to use a double layer by putting the combination underwear (which serves to maintain the temperature) on top of the short underwear (which is used to absorb the sweat) to make sure that the baby's skin will remain clean.

How to dress and undress the baby gently

When changing clothes, it is convenient to set it so that the short underwear is put on top of the combination underwear and to pull the sleeves of the short underwear through the sleeves of the combination underwear. In this manner, 2 pieces of underwear can be put on with one change of clothes.

  1. Gently lift all of your baby's arms up and hold them as you let the arms out of the cuffs of the sleeves.
  2. After that, place the baby facing up on top of the spread underwear and the baby can go to sleep. It does not matter whether you start from the left or from the right. When starting from the left arm of the baby, put your right hand into the opening of the sleeve while the mom (or the dad) is facing the baby, and while wrapping the whole left arm of the baby, pull the baby's arm out of the sleeve opening (see illustration).
  3. At this point it is important to make sure that the hand of the baby will not be pulled by force. Instead of pulling the hand, pull on the underwear to dress the baby as shown in the image and it will work well. The arm on the other side can be pulled through the sleeve in the same way. After that, put on the short underwear, followed by the combination underwear, and at the end tie the string at the shoulder part. Both ribbons should be tied. If you make a round knot with the ribbon at this point (a tight knot), it may take a while to untie it, and the baby will have to sleep on an uncomfortable knot, which is why it's better to avoid this. In addition, it is not necessary to snap on the hook and keep it snapped like that on the combination underwear with a newborn infant. Since the baby must be changed several times a day, it is better not to keep the hook snapped on. After 2 ~ 3 months, once the baby starts kicking a lot, let's keep it snapped on.
  4. The procedure is finished by lightly pulling on the hem of the short underwear below the baby's butt. It may be quite hard to change clothes until you get used to it. But if you talk to the baby and say things like "Let's get changed and we will feel much better" and "Now we are nice and clean" while watching the baby's face, the is no need to worry, dad and mom, you will do just fine.

New moms and dads can wait for the birth of a cute baby while imagining how they will be changing the baby while doing a sort of image training in their heads.

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