manualHow to Maintain Mug Set

Introduction on how to maintain MIKI HOUSE Mug Set (Starter Cup, Sippy Cup, Straw Cup). To learn more about how to maintain these sets, please see below.

Suggested Age of Use

Please reference this chart for our suggested age of use.

How to Use Starter Cup

See instructions on how to use the starter cup. Please set each part as depicted in the illustration.

How to Use Sippy Cup

See instructions on how to use the sippy cup. Please set each part as depicted in the illustration.

How to Use Straw Cup

See instructions on how to use the straw cup. Please set each part as depicted in the illustration.

How to Use Seal and Handles

Seal and handles are used for all three cups.



  • Do not put hot liquids in the product. Cool liquids to below 40℃ before closing the lid. Putting hot liquids in the Straw Cup may cause the liquid to blow out, causing burns etc.
  • Please check liquid temperature before giving it to your child.
  • Do not heat in the microwave with the lid on. This may cause contents to burst, causing burns etc.
  • If the pacifier, spout, straw or tube becomes cracked or damaged, stop use and replace immediately. Continued use of damaged parts are a choking hazard.


  • Please keep child within eyeshot at all times while using this product.
  • Do not use this product for any other purpose than feeding your child milk or other beverages.
  • Do not drop, bump or otherwise subject this product to severe impact. This may cause distortion or damage.
  • Product may become hot in the microwave and cause burns. Please exercise caution immediately after using the product in the microwave.
  • Please be aware that the pacifier of the Starter Cup, the spout of the Sippy Cup, and the straw of the Straw Cup may be damaged by teething children.

*Never put the following items inside the product.

  • Dry ice and carbonated drinks: These will increase the internal pressure of the cup and can cause dangerous bursts.
  • Drinks with fruit bits or tea leaves: These will cause leakage and clogging.

Microwave, Dishwasher and Dryer Use

Items marked with the ○ symbol can be used in the microwave, dishwasher and dryer. Disinfection by boiling or by microwave may slightly distort some materials. Please check whether the lid is securely closed before using.

Product Name Microwave Use Dishwasher/Dryer Use
Starter Cup Cup○
Sippy Cup
Straw Cup

Warning for Microwave Use


  • Do not heat the cup while empty.
  • Heat in the microwave only. Do not heat with open fires, ovens, or grills.
  • Do not heat while containing or touching oils. This may cause discoloration.
  • Please be careful when taking the product out of the microwave. Product may be very hot.
  • When heating in the microwave, take off all parts (including handles) and only heat the cup.
  • Do not use as kitchenware.
  • Please follow all labels and instructions for the microwave.

⟨Excessive heating will distort the product. Please be aware of the points below.⟩

  • Shorten the amount of heating time when only heating a small amount of liquid.
  • Do not heat foods that have a high oil content. This may cause the food to become excessively hot.
  • When heating with a 500W microwave, only heat for up to two minutes. If your microwave has a higher wattage, please shorten the heating time.

Warning for Dishwasher and Dryer Use

  • Do not wash in industrial dishwashers or industrial dryers.
  • Do not stack in the dishwasher or dryer. Stacking may cause distortion.
  • Please check the labels and instruction manuals of the dishwasher/dryer before using.
  • Do not place in the heater portion of the dishwasher. This may burn or melt the product, or cause smoke and odors.

Disinfection Guide

Product Name Disinfection Method
Boiling Disinfecting Liquid Microwave
Starter Cup
Sippy Cup
Straw Cup Straw and Tube ONLY

*Please follow the Disinfection Guide Chart for each component when disinfecting by boiling, disinfecting liquid or microwave.“Items marked with the ○ symbol can be disinfected by their corresponding methods.”

*Do not disinfect with alcohol-based disinfectants. This may cause fading in the designs or deterioration.

【Boiling Disinfection】

  • When disinfecting by boiling, take each component apart and boil for 2~3 minutes in a large pot with plenty of boiling water. Using a small pot or too little water may cause the components to come in direct contact with the pot, causing distortion.
  • Excessive boiling may cause deterioration or fading.
  • There may be slight differences between components that have been boiled and those that have not. Please make sure the lid has been fastened securely before using again.

【Disinfecting Liquids】

  • If using a disinfecting liquid, please be sure to use disinfecting liquids specifically made for baby bottles. Please refer to the instructions of the disinfectant before using.

【Microwave Disinfection】

  • If disinfecting using a microwave, please be sure to use equipment specifically made for microwave disinfection. Please refer to the instructions of equipment before using.
  • Do not disinfect the lid portion of the Straw Cup using a microwave. This may cause distortion.
  • There may be slight differences between components that have been microwaved and those that have not. Please make sure the lid has been fastened securely before using again.

Warnings for Usage

  • Do not place near fires.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water before first use.
  • Wash thoroughly after each use.
  • Do not place in freezer while filled. This may cause distortion.
  • Assemble all parts together firmly. Failure to assemble firmly may cause leakage. Please check for leaks before use.
  • Close the lid and cap firmly. Failure to do so may cause leakage.
  • Read markings on product and product instructions before using.
  • Do not shake product while containing liquid. This may cause leakage.
  • Though this product is made to leak as little as possible, it is not completely sealed. Holding the product sideways or upside down may cause leakage. Please contain product in waterproof bags (such as plastic bags) while carrying. Please be careful of any liquid damage that may occur from leakage.
  • Pacifier, spout, straw and seal can lose elasticity over time, therefore losing effectiveness. Please exchange these parts if this occurs.
  • Do not transport premixed baby formula. This may cause the formula to spoil.
  • Markings on the cup do not represent any standard form of measurements. Please only use these as a guide.
  • Dark-colored liquids and liquids with artificial coloring may discolor the product.
  • Liquids with strong odors may leave smell on the product.
  • Leaving fats and oils on the product for long periods of time may cause designs to fade.
  • Stop use if product cracks or changes shape significantly.

【Warning for Sippy Cup】

  • Clogging in the spout may prevent the spout from properly functioning. Continuous drinking may also disrupt the internal pressure, which may make drinking difficult.

【Warning for Straw Cup】

  • Though this product is made to adjust to internal pressure, leaving it in a hot car or other high-temperature areas, heating its contents, or otherwise exposing it to temperature differences may cause the air inside to expand and the contents to erupt. If these circumstances occur, please loosen the lid and release the internal pressure before usage. Please close the lid tightly when drinking.
  • Do not chew or pull on the straw. This could break or damage the straw. This may also create a gap between the straw and lid, causing leaks.
  • Please correctly set the tube. It may be difficult to drink the entire contents without correctly setting the tube. Please refer to instructions on how to set the tube correctly.
  • The push button will only open the straw cap slightly and must be opened by hand to completely open it. This two-step method prevents the contents from spilling or blowing out.

How to Maintain Product

  • Apply neutral dish soap to a sponge or soft cloth, wash with lukewarm water until no soap remains, and dry completely.
  • Leaving beverages in the cup will lead to mold, rotting, and bad odors.
  • Use of scouring pads, polish or scrubbing material may scratch the product or discolor the designs.
  • If using alkaline dish soaps, please be sure to wash thoroughly until no soap remains.
  • Do not wash with orange oil dish soaps. This may cause deterioration or discoloration to the designs.
  • Seal is removable for washing. Do not wash the seal with sharp objects. This may cause tearing or similar damage.
  • Do not pull on the seal while washing. This may cause stretching or similar damage.
  • Set the seal correctly. Leaks may occur if the seal is twisted, bent, etc. Dry completely before resetting the seal.
  • Clean the airways of the straw, pacifier and spout frequently to prevent clogging, leaks and eruptions.

What to Do If Leakage Occurs

【Please read should leakage occur.】

Where is the leak?

Leak Location What to Check
Between the cup and lid
  • Is the lid securely closed?
  • Is the seal set correctly?
  • Is the seal worn down?
Between the lid and cap
  • Is the cap completely closed?
  • Is the cap set correctly?
From the pacifier, spout or straw
  • Is the straw cap closed properly?
  • Is the pacifier, spout or straw…
    - set correctly?
    - worn down?
    - damaged from chewing or pulling?
    - clogged?
  • Has the product been dropped or otherwise damaged from impact?
  • Has the product changed shape or distorted from long periods of boiling or microwave disinfection?
  • Has the product contained hot liquids, leading to high internal pressure or eruptions?

Temperature Resistance

Product Name Part Name Highest Temperature Lowest Temperature
3 All Cup 140℃ -20℃
Handles 140℃ -20℃
Seal 140℃ -20℃
Starter Cup Lid 140℃ -20℃
Cap 140℃ -20℃
Cover 140℃ -20℃
Nipple 140℃ -20℃
Sippy Cup Lid 140℃ -20℃
Cover 140℃ -20℃
Spout 140℃ -20℃
Straw Cup Lid 140℃ -20℃
Straw Cap 140℃ -20℃
Push Button 100℃ -20℃
Straw 140℃ -20℃
Tube 140℃ -20℃

Raw Resin and Materials Used

Product Name Part Name Raw Resin Materials
3 All Cup polypropylene
Handles polypropylene
Seal silicone rubber
Starter Cup Lid polypropylene
Cap polypropylene
Cover polypropylene
Nipple silicone rubber
Sippy Cup Lid polypropylene
Cover polypropylene
Spout silicone rubber
Straw Cup Lid polypropylene
Straw Cap polypropylene
Push Button polyacetal
Straw silicone rubber
Tube silicone rubber

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