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We would like to introduce you to the MIKI HOUSE School Shoes and their care, handling, and more. Be sure to check each portion pertaining to your particular School Shoes.

Functions of Our School Shoes

①Excellent Breathability

The polyester mesh used for the upper portion of the shoe is both strong and breathable.

②Shaped to the Foot

The tip of the shoe is rounded in shape and provides extra space for little toes to wiggle and move to grab to the ground for walking. This freedom of movement provides top-quality comfort.


Double-layered mesh protects the side of the foot and prevents sliding to one side.

④Flex sole

The sole of the shoe is flexible to allow the shoe to bend in line with the bends of the feet and assist in a smoother walk. This also encourages proper development in the areas of the foot such as the arch.

⑤Reinforced Heel

The heel is reinforced with a rubber guard for a safer walk.

⑥Hook-and-loop Strap

A hook-and-loop strap makes taking shoes on and off easy and allows the shoe to be perfectly fitted to the foot.

⑦Pureveil Finish

With the help of the safe and effective Hybrid Catalyst® antibacterial, anti-viral Pureveil Finish, the growth of bacteria is reduced to prevent any unwanted smells.

The Hybrid Catalyst® uses special technology to combine two types of catalysts with differing oxidation mechanisms. This enhances the ability to destroy and decompose foul smelling substances and bacteria using oxygen in the air as well as inhibits the growth of certain bacteria on fibers and reduces the number of certain viruses.

  • ※Hybrid Catalyst® is a registered trademark of SUNWARD SHOUKAI CO.,LTD
  • ※Antibacterial/Antiviral finish does not claim to prevent or cure illnesses.
  • ※Antiviral tests conducted for the virus ATCC VR-1679 (with viral envelope) over 2 hours under 25℃.

⑧Impact-Absorbing Cup Insole

A solidly shaped cup insole to provide a better fit and increased comfort. A sponge layer is inserted to absorb and soften impacts with excellent elasticity.

Choosing the Right School Shoes

When choosing, it is best to try both shoes and test through actual walking.
Shoes of the same size may have a different fit and level of comfort depending on the materials and design.
Shoes should be chosen after confirming the fit, ease of movement, comfort level.

When placing the shoe on, ensure that the heel is properly placed before securing around the ankle. Care should be taken so that the foot does not slide forward or backwards inside the shoe.

●When to Replace

While every child is different, the growth of a child’s foot is quite quick. What was once the perfect size shoe can be narrow and tight before you even realize it.

In order to check the size of the School Shoes, we recommend to remove the insole of the shoe and place under the child’s foot aligning with the heel to determine the amount of excess room around the toes.

Shoes should not restrict the movement of the toes. There should be some wiggle room around the tips of the toes for the best fit.

As each child’s foot shape and development speeds vary quite drastically, the type of shoes or the state of the foot could require varying degrees of excess space.

We recommend removing the insole and checking the size of the shoes before the start of the new school year or whenever you wash the shoes.

  • If shoes that are too small are continuously worn, this can lead to hinderance in foot or body development, blisters, scratches, or other injuries. Please be aware and take caution.
  • Each and every child’s foot shape and walking style is different, so we do not recommend having a child wear shoes that have been worn by others and shaped to other’s walking styles and foot shape.

Care Instruction

We will teach you how to keep your School Shoes looking beautiful and white. To ensure maximum usage, follow the below steps of care and maintenance.


  • Use of a washing machine may cause damage to the materials, please avoid use if possible.
  • It is recommended that the insole be removed when washing
  • Wash after removing any loose dirt or dust. Any dust or dirt that may have become stuck in the mesh may cause staining following washing.
  • When washing, dilute detergent with water and scrub gently with a soft bristle brush in lukewarm water.
    Particular care should be taken for the woven mesh portion of the shoes as over-scrubbing or improper handling when washing can cause frays and snags.
    This will not effect the breathability of the product; however, in order to maintain the appearance of the shoe, we recommend a soft brush used with care.
  • If shoes are left to sit in the water after washing, the dirt that was removed can potentially get back on the materials.
    If the shoes must be left to soak, we recommend this be done only for a short time (roughly 20 minutes or less).
  • Thoroughly rinse away any residual detergent as this could cause yellowing or changes in color.
    Residual detergent or soaps may appear on the surface of the product following improper rinsing. In this event, the shoes should be washed again immediately.
  • The uses of bleach can cause the rapid deterioration of the rubber and fibers.


  • If excess water is not removed from the shoes, this may cause wrinkling.
  • Following washing, to avoid losing the shape, the shoes should be carefully wrung by hand and then towel dried to remove excess moisture. We recommend placing white paper inside the shoes to maintain the shape and placing them in an airy, well-lit location, out of direct sunlight to dry.
  • If the impact-absorbing cup insole sponge is left in direct sunlight for an extended period of time, this may cause shrinkage.
    The insole should be hang-dried after removing excess moisture.
    Use of clothespins may cause marking, please handle with care.
  • Avoid rapid drying with blow-dryers, heaters, clothes dryers, or by placing in direct sunlight. This may cause changes to the shape or quality of the shoes and may also cause any dirt that was not removed in washing to cause a stain.

Storing Shoes

  • Deterioration in shoes occurs even during storage. To avoid rapid-deterioration it is recommended to avoid storing shoes in high-heat, high moisture areas and to avoid placing in direct sunlight.
  • Please avoid storing shoes in a car. Particularly in the trunks or boots of cars as these areas are often very hot and/or moist.
  • Please avoid storing shoes inside of a plastic bag.
  • Shoes that have been stored for extended periods of time may have deteriorated. Please check the below point before wearing.
    ・Does the upper or tongue show any signs of deterioration? For example, peeling, stickiness, hardening, cracking, etc.
    ・Has the fastener become loose or weak?
    ・Does the sole show any signs of deterioration? For example, peeling, stickiness, hardening, cracking, etc.

Miscellaneous Precautions

  • Please following the Care and Handling label for your particular product.
  • Please discontinue use if you notice itching or rash following use.
  • The soles are not oil resistant. Please avoid use in areas where oil has been used.
  • Please take care when walking in slick or slippery areas such as wet roads, icy roads, manhole or rain gutter covers, or tiles and marble flooring. Extra caution should be practiced when walking from a dry area to a wet area to avoid any danger.
  • Avoid placing near direct heat or fire as this may cause drying or changes in shape.
  • Upper belts and fasteners should be strongly fixed to avoid any hazards or falling. Loose or weak fastening can cause the foot to come out of the shoe while wearing.
  • Please discontinue use if the fastener has become loose or weak. After long periods of usage, the fastener may lose strength when heat is applied, should dirt or debris become stuck, or when wet.
  • When placing the shoe on, ensure that the opening of the shoes is widened. Take care not to step on the back heel counter. Stepping on the heel counter may cause changes to the shape, damage, and ultimately injury of the wearer.
  • These shoes are not designed for sports usage. Please avoid excess impact or friction.
  • When wearing new shoes, please allow time for the foot to become used to the shoes to avoid sores or injury.

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