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What kind of "underwear" does the baby wear first?


Before a baby is born, there are many things that must be prepared first. And since this is something that you may be unfamiliar with, it is all pretty puzzling. Among these puzzling things, "underwear" for newborn babies is in particular indispensible. How many pieces of underwear should one prepare and how to wash it? And since there are different types of underwear, which ones should one prepare? Let's take a quick look at this!

Types of underwear that can be used by a baby

  • Short underwear

  • Combination underwear

  • Long underwear

Japanese underwear is of the "arranging type"

Although underwear for babies can be divided into 3 main categories. "Short underwear" (Tanhadaki), "combination underwear ("Combihadagi") and long underwear (Nagahadgi), most of it is of the "arranging type". This is the type of underwear that is worn so that it is arranged on the front part of the body. Newly born babies do not stay still or sit still, so the neck or the bottom is always moving, but fortunately, they sleep most of the day.

That is why the "arranging type" is very convenient for putting underwear on, taking it off, or changing a diaper. This arranging type of underwear has been used for babies in Japanese since old times because it can be easily put on a baby and it does not create much of a burden. Since brand new moms and dads are not yet used to changing a baby, we would like to suggest to choose the "arranging type" of underwear, because it can be used without having to worry about a baby's unsteady neck or bottom.

Benefits of the "arranging type"

When it comes to the arranging type of underwear, the advantage is that it can be easily adjusted to a corresponding size as the baby is growing by connecting it with a string to the adjusted part. While the underwear is ready before the baby is born, the advantage is that it can be used whether the baby is big or small.

The number of underwear to prepare before the baby is born

Depending on the season when the baby is born, 5 ~ 6 pieces of short underwear and 5 ~ 6 pieces of combination underwear is enough. Be sure to select material that is "friendly" to your baby's skin. If 5 ~ 6 combination underwear have been prepared, it is probably best to have 2 ~ 3 pieces of long underwear available as soon as the baby is born.

Other underwear than the arranging type of underwear

In addition to the arranging type of underwear, the "pullover" type or the "cardigan" type of clothing with buttons in front, similar to the underwear that is worn by adults, is also used for newborns in many countries around the world. The "pullover" type is designed with a widely open part so that the head and both shoulders can pass through it easily. Because a newborn's neck and sitting posture become more flexible and it is easier to change clothing from about the age of 4 months, "the pullover" type of underwear is also convenient.

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