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Designing For Unforgettable Children’s Clothing

How is CHIECO SAKU so cute?
Designing For Unforgettable Children’s Clothing

Since debuting in August 2022, CHIECO SAKU has received a warm welcome from both children and parents with many kind messages: “Cute!” and “I want to wear it also!” What is the secret to such adorable allure?
We went to the CHIECO SAKU planning team to find out.

Chieco Is Born

It was decided from the beginning that the symbol for the brand would be a bunny. That is when the thought was born that we had to come up with a character that was cuter than any other. The team began by examining pictures of actual rabbits: the soft body shape, eyes, ears, nose and mouth shape. With all of this in mind, the team began to sketch.
Had this process not been included, it would have been difficult to create a truly original character. There are many famous bunnies, MIKI HOUSE’s Usako included, that have come before that make creating an original character challenging.

Be that as it may, the road to creating Chiecowas a difficult one. If the character is too close to a real rabbit, then all facial expressions would be lost. If the eyes or nose are exaggerated then the originality in the character could be lost.

First attempt at sketching Chieco

The image on the left is the first attempt at drawing Chieco. After examining real rabbits, the team was excited to observe that a rabbit’s nose has a heart shape. And so it was decided that Chieco’s nose would be a heart. The team also wanted to express the soft and fluffy fur of rabbits with an adorable drawing style. Unfortunately, this first design attempt was rejected.

After many many attempts through trial and error the company finally approved the design. The changes were minute, but Chieco’s design went from something resembling a plush animal to a more animated design.

Approved Chieco Design

There was an additional point of consideration: Chieco must be drawn from all angles.
MIKI HOUSE’s Usako and Pucci are mainly drawn with the face, hands, and feet in 2D; however, CHIECO SAKU was to be slightly different from MIKI HOUSE. CHIECO SAKU was to display more specific body movements when appearing on the clothes to provide a more animated appearance.
Multiple poses were drawn including back and side-facing; the team aimed to create a bunny with a plethora of expressions. This is a goal they continue to hold dear for Chieco.

Various Poses


What is the difference between the MIKI HOUSE designs for girls and the CHIECO SAKU designs? While it is a difficult question, there are two major points of difference and one point that cannot be separated from MIKI HOUSE.
The first point of difference is the “retro” feeling. There are two types of customers: those who love “retro” and those that don’t. This, however, is not a major point of concern.

The goal is to make the customers who love retro style fall even more in love with the CHIECO SAKU retro designs. The embroidered flowers and Chieco’sfriend Bambi are good examples of this retro style.

he second point of difference is the silhouette and details expressed in the designs. Blouses with oversized collars, dresses and skirts with flouncy silhouettes, scalloped cutting, etc. all add a lovely impression with a distinct flavor different from that of MIKI HOUSE. Matching pieces provide customers the opportunity to have fun and play with coordinated set-ups.
The CHIECO SAKU team finds joy in providing customers with a nostalgic feeling while remaining in line with seasonal trends.

The True Reason CHIECO SAKU is Adorable

MIKI HOUSE has remained a beloved brand for over half a century. The gorgeous Pucci or Usako appliques and embroideries are a hit every year. Paired with the MIKI HOUSE logo, the designs are a true representation of the MIKI HOUSE style.
Expressing the elaborate and minute designs of MIKI HOUSE in embroidery or appliques could not be completed without the skills and handiwork of the craftsman. The “MIKI HOUSE quality” that has been fostered over the many years is due to these skills, this is also why CHIECO SAKU has a sense of adorableness.

Simply put, the main component of the CHIECO SAKU designs are the same embroidery and appliques used for MIKI HOUSE. However, CHIECO SAKU is not simply an addition to MIKI HOUSE.

For example, in the image on the right, a brown border has been embroidered around Chieco and Bambi. Were this a MIKI HOUSE design, a bold line would not be used to exaggerate the shapes; however, this is done in a CHIECO SAKU design.
This is done to provide a more lively and animated expression to the silhouettes of Chieco and Bambi. To complete this requires a highly skilled technique. It is not something that can be made overnight, but it is possible because of the technology and quality cultivated at MIKI HOUSE.

Planning sheet for applique and embroidery based on the design. Details of the colors and threads are specified.

By being stringent on quality when making CHIECO SAKU, the team aims to make children fall in love with the product; even one child would be a happy occasion. They hope for children to look back on the brand when they're grown and reminisce how much they loved wearing Chieco the bunny's clothes. This is the dream as they continue to create.

The hope of the designers lives in each and every detail in the clothes. This is what gives the team the drive to continue to create designs full of fun and happiness. Now the team is looking towards the next season of product and looking for new colors and a new side of Chieco.
We hope that everyone is excited to see the new designs.

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