Double_BMIKI HOUSE DOUBLE_B 2022 Autumn & Winter Collection

I only want to wear cool clothes.

Clothes are an expression of myself.
That's why I have something to cherish.

To be kind to the earth and the environment.
To accept individuality.
To develop for the future.

All of them are cool. DOUBLE_B RE: BORN

MIKI HOUSE Double_B, which was born 25 years ago, is now entering a new stage.

Manufacturing that puts children first is not limited to their comfort and good materials.
The "clothes" that Double_B aims for --- they are the clothes that will lead to the future of children.

Fashionable yet friendly to children, the earth, and the environment.
Please enjoy feeling the growth of Double_B,
which will be reborn with the aim of creating such "cool clothes".

Our Commitment
4 promises

Safety and Security

With the world-renowned "MIKI HOUSE Quality," we make products that put children first.

Denim loved by the earth

Double_B's main identity is denim.
We promote the manufacturing of environmentally friendly denim.

3.Help children to express their own individuality

We support every child so that they can freely express their individuality at ease.


We try to bring smiles to all the people and events related to Double_B, not to mention children.


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