manualHow to Maintain Water Bottle with Straw

Introduction on how to maintain MIKI HOUSE Water Bottle with Straw. To learn more about how to maintain these sets, please see below.

Water Bottle with Straw(15-4116-383)

Volume: 340mL

Water Bottle with Straw(65-4062-825)

Volume: 340mL

Part Names

How to Set the Spout into the Inner Lid

When setting the spout, push it through the spout hole from under the inner lid, and pull it until the spout stopper is securely in place. When removing the spout, hold the bottom of the spout and pull until it is removed.

*If you hold the straw instead of the spout when removing, only the straw will detach.

How to Attach the Shoulder Strap

Make sure the strap clasp is correctly set.

Microwave, Dishwasher and Dryer Use

*Do not put this item in the microwave.

Warnings for Dishwasher and Dryer Use

  • Do not wash in industrial dishwashers or industrial dryers.
  • Do not stack in the dishwasher or dryer. Stacking may cause distortion.
  • Please check the labels and instruction manuals of the dishwasher/dryer before using.
  • Do not place in the heater portion of the dishwasher. This may burn or melt the product, or cause smoke.
  • Remove shoulder strap when washing or drying.

Warnings for Usage

  • Do not put the shoulder strap around the neck, or use the strap to fling the product around. This is extremely dangerous.
  • Do not put hot things in this product. This may cause burns in the mouth.
  • Do not put soda or other carbonated drinks in this product. The pressure may cause the product to leak.
  • Leaving this product in a hot area (such as a car) for extended periods of time may cause the increased air pressure and leaks.
  • Please know that sudden changes in temperature can cause the pressure in the straw to change, which may result in leakage.
  • Hold this product vertically when using. Holding the product horizontally may cause leakage.
  • If carrying in a backpack/purse/etc., please secure the product in a plastic or waterproof bag beforehand.
  • If leakage occurs, check the seal and spout to make sure they are not damaged or set incorrectly.
  • Make sure the seal is not twisted when applying.
  • Do not use this cup to drink beverages with fruit bits, as they may clog the straw and spout.
  • Do not freeze product with beverage inside.
  • Always wash thoroughly after use.
  • Close the lid and inner lid tightly.
  • Do not carry while the lid is open. This will cause leakage, damage, etc.
  • Exposing the designs to heat after leaving oils on them may cause the designs to peel. Do not submerge in warm oily water.
  • Subjecting the product to strong impact may damage or break it.
  • This product is not meant to keep contents cold.
  • Do not place near fires.
  • Apply neutral dish soap to a soft sponge and use lukewarm water when washing by hand.
  • Avoid using alkaline and orange oil dish soaps. These will cause design peeling and discoloration.
  • Do not clean with scouring pads, scrubbing material or polish.
  • Please be careful of liquid that may spray from the spout upon opening the lid.
  • When bleaching, please use kitchen-use chlorine bleach. Excess bleaching can damage the product quickly, so please follow the instructions for each bleach.
  • Do not bleach or chemically disinfect the lid. This will corrode the metal portion.
  • We recommend quickly and completely drying metal parts to avoid rusting.
  • Do not steam disinfect in the microwave.
  • If using chemical disinfectants, please only use baby-safe disinfectants and thoroughly read the instructions before use.
  • Avoid disinfecting with alcohol. This may cause discoloration or deterioration.
  • Strongly biting down on the spout may cause it to break.
  • Drinks may spill if the lid is open. Always close the lid and tighten the inner lid.

Temperature Resistance

Part Names Highest Temperature Lowest Temperature
Lid 100℃ -20℃
Inner Lid 120℃ -20℃
Button 120℃ -20℃
Cup 120℃ -20℃
Straw 140℃ -20℃
Spout 140℃ -20℃
Seal 140℃ -20℃
Strap Clasp 80℃ -20℃

Raw Resin and Materials Used

Part Names Raw Resin Material
Lid PET  
Inner Lid Polypropylene  
Button Polypropylene  
Cup Polypropylene  
Straw   Silicone Rubber
Spout   Silicone Rubber
Seal   Silicone Rubber
Strap Clasp ABS Resin  
Spring   Stainless Steel
Pin   Brass

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