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General Information

The information contained on this site was created by MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD for general business purposes.
MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this site, but cannot take responsibility for errors generated by malfunctions or mechanical issues. The information contained on this site is considered current as of the day it was posted. Please be aware that it may differ from the most current information as of the day you are browsing.


  • The use of this site is understood to be at the personal responsibility of the individual accessing it.
  • MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD makes every reasonable effort to create and manage the text, photographs, illustrations, videos, software, links, and all other information on this site, but please understand that this does not constitute a guarantee of the accuracy or completeness of said information.
  • MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD reserves the right to change the information on this site in portion or in its entirety without prior public notification. However, this does not constitute a promise to update or change said information.
  • MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD takes no responsibility for injuries or damages resulting from actions taken by individuals as a result of reading information (including data) obtained from this site, or from information obtained from other sites that are accessed via links from this site.
  • Please be aware that this site may not be accessible at times due to conditions on the Internet or because of issues with individual personal computers.
  • MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD reserves the right to suspend or terminate the provision of this website service at any time and without prior public notice.

Copyright Notices

All images, text, articles, and other content contained on this site are protected by copyright laws, regulations, and other laws in Japan and in each country from which the site is accessed. All content is considered the property and copyright of MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD.
Therefore, without prior permission, the use or transfer (including the copy, modification, uploading, posting, display, licensing, sale, or publishing) of said content in ways that exceed the scope of personal use as defined by law is strictly prohibited.


This site was created for the purpose of supplying information to our customers, and the personal information of those using the site may be collected. The types of information collected and the scope within which MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD may use this personal information is covered in the About Your Personal Information section of this site.


Links to other companies and organizations are provided for the sole purpose of providing information to individuals viewing this site. MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the links placed on this site will not inconvenience its users. However, MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD cannot take any responsibility for problems caused by the accessing of the sites that are linked, as they are not under the company's management or control.
As links are provided for the sole purpose of the convenience of the individuals viewing this site, MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD. requests that those using them do so at their own risk.

Linking to This Site

Generally speaking individuals may link back to this site, but MIKI SHOKO CO., LTD. requests that those doing so be aware of the following points.

  • Please be aware that this site contains information pertaining to children, so please refrain from posting links to it on inappropriate sites.
  • Please only link to this site's top page, (
  • When creating a link to this page, please use either one of the images below, or otherwise clearly indicate that the link leads to the MIKI HOUSE website.
  • The use of the MIKI HOUSE logo other than via one of the link button images below is strictly prohibited.
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  • We currently do not offer a link exchange program, but reserve the right to do so in the future. Those who place links to this site on their site are requested to notify the MIKI HOUSE webmaster via the Contact Form.
  • MIKI HOUSE CO., LTD takes no responsibility for issues arising from the placing of links to this website on other websites.

Our Security Policy

Website Safety

Please check for an authentication certificate based on the Symantec Corporation Norton Secured Seal Digital ID to ensure that you are viewing the authentic MIKI HOUSE web site.


Transmission Security

Pages on this site that handle personal information utilize the SSL system (see below) to prevent interception or modification of the information by third parties. This system encodes personal information before transmission so as to protect it, allowing individuals to use the site with comfort and safety.
*SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is currently the most reliable method of coding and authenticating information transmitted over the Internet.

Site Security

The office housing the servers that host this site is protected by a physical security system. In addition, it features an array of methods designed to protect against viruses and unauthorized access.

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