Baby Skincare

To a baby who had been protected in their mother’s womb, the dry air, UV rays etc. they experience upon birth can make for a very harsh environment. It is important to nourish such a baby’s skin with skincare. Not only will skincare prevent skin problems, the time set for skincare every day will become an essential bonding experience for you and your baby.

Here, we will introduce what makes skincare so essential.

1. Why is moisturizing necessary?

Because baby’s skin is very delicate, even though it seems to be bouncy and healthy.

●Baby skin is very thin

Baby skin is only about half the thickness of an adult’s and is therefore incredibly delicate.

●Baby skin is lacking in sebum and moisture

The outermost layer of baby skin has significantly less sebum and moisture than adult skin(*). Because of this, areas such as the cheeks, elbows and knees are very susceptible to dryness.

*Baby skin abundantly produces sebum for about the first three months of life, but this decreases over time.

●Baby skin lacks a proper barrier function

A newborn’s skin is not yet able to serve as a proper barrier. This makes it easy for irritants, dust particles, UV rays and other harmful substances to penetrate the skin. In addition, just as easy it is for irritants to get in, it is easy for moisture to get out, making baby skin prone to dryness.

2. What kind of care should I do?

Wash your child’s skin gently in their daily bath and moisturize upon finishing. By moisturizing, you are preventing moisture from leaving their skin, as well as creating a barrier to keep irritants out.
Another benefit of having consistent skincare every day is that it is easier for parents to track their child’s skin condition. Any subtle change will become more obvious if this routine is upheld.

3. What kind of skincare products should I use?

Choose a product that has as few irritants or fillers as possible.
A product that will maintain, moisturize, and protect the baby’s skin is ideal.
We recommend parents to test out products themselves before applying to the baby. Test the fragrance and texture yourself and choose something that feels comfortable to you.

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