MIKI HOUSE Craftsmanship

Snapshots of your cute, smiling baby posted on your social media, the special occasion family photo in the living room, and that wonderful photo from which you can almost hear your child’s laugh…
MIKI HOUSE is the brand that helps you capture those happy moments and brilliant smiles on your children’s faces.

We have all collectively been evolving since our “chasing new” days; now, we strive to use quality, sustainable items for as long as we can. What about at MIKI HOUSE? Many people look forward to the day they can dress their grandchildren in the same clothes they dressed their own children with, carefully safekeeping those clothes for even 30 years. “Here’s a photo of my kid wearing my baby clothes!” We at MIKI HOUSE receive messages like this with gratitude.

“We want to make something really good”: we have treasured this idea since our founding 50 years ago. Even before the cries for sustainability, MIKI HOUSE’s products’ quality and message have transcended the ages.

But this was not done by MIKI HOUSE alone.
It would not have been possible without our partner factories and craftsmen, who have worked with us for decades and empathized with MIKI HOUSE’s need for craftsmanship that put children first.

MIKI HOUSE believes in never compromising on craftsmanship, and we have put our all in every single product using excellent technology.

Without these, our brand would not be the same.
How did these come to be, and how will they evolve?
Let’s uncover the secrets of our 5 most exemplary products.

We explored MIKI HOUSE and its partner factories.