50th Anniversary MIKIHOUSE

Futures Full of Smiles
for Children and Their Families


MIKI HOUSE 50th Anniversary
Celebration Special Video

“To You, in 2070”

50 years from now, in 2070.
It seems so far in the future.
So much must have changed by then.
But no matter how the world changes,
MIKI HOUSE will continue moving forward
To help children be happy
And have a future full of smiles.

A Brand Loved by the World

MIKI HOUSE, started by just myself and my wife in 1971, has been nurtured by all of you in numbers I could not have imagined and became a global brand.


Established in 1971 and celebrating 50 years in 2021. Introducing MIKI HOUSE's history.


Gauze Bath Towel

Cute little towels, made just for babies. These towels are different from those used by adults; they are an unusual square shape and the fabric is thin. You may think, could such a thing really be a bath towel? But indeed it is.