Choose shoes that match the stage in your baby’s growth.

The growth of infant’s feet is extremely rapid, until the age of 2, an infant’s foot with grow approximately 1cm a year. The foot will continue to grow to the size of an adult foot up to the age of 13-15 years. Because of this, oftentimes even shoes that are the perfect size at first, before you know it are too narrow. It is best to measure the child’s foot every three months and to choose the proper size and design based on this.

* The differences between infants and children are large and the characteristics between age and development are not necessarily the same.

* The developmental characteristics of age are simply “standards.”

Gradual Growth Stage

You should not purchase shoes that are too large or force a child to wear shoes that are too small for too long because the growth is so rapid. Shoes that are not the correct size can inhibit the growth of the foot and affect development. It is important to choose the perfect size for a child’s foot.

Shoe Size Self-Check

When measuring the foot, the child should be standing with the heel securely fixed. When sitting the foot is not carrying the weight of the body and cannot be properly measured. It is also important to check both feet when trying on shoes.

  • Do you know about babies feet?
  • There are lots of complexities.
  • Manufacturing that knows baby’s feet.
  • The shoes you choose change with baby’s growth.