Committed Material Selection

With the feeling and the function in regard to baby’s foot in mind, the materials for each and every part of the shoe are carefully chosen.

• Upper (The portion of the shoe that wraps the foot)
Soft materials that are easy to wear are used.
Also, the portion of the mouth of the shoe that touches the foot used a flexible pad.

• Inside Shoe
An absorbent and soft pile fabric is used.

• Midsole
Under a pile fabric a rubber sponge is used and softens the impact of the ground.

• Sole
Both soft and durable, a slip resistant rubber sole is used.


Inside Shoe

Sewing and Design That Utilizes The Materials

The flexible upper materials, the soft pile fabric, the flexible rubber sole, etc., all materials are used to the fullest of their abilities and every detail is carefully chosen to provide a comfortable wearability.

• The parts used are as large as possible and the number of seams in between parts is limited.

• Through special sewing techniques, the areas that may bump such as the heel and the pad at the mouth of the shoe have been made as small as possible.

• An easy to wear shoe is realized through a design that was developed from a pattern that does not limit flexibility.

• The three dimensional and hard to destroy pattern ensures the strength of the shoe.

Large parts with limited seams.

Special sewing techniques ensure small bumps.

Each Shoe is Delicately Handmade

The process of applying the glue, attaching the sole, and shaping the upper portion of the shoe to a foot shape is a very important process that can affect the finish and performance of the shoe. This process is performed by hand on each and every shoe by skilled technicians. When the sole and the upper are attached a method of vulcanization is required that uses both heat and pressure. The thin rubber bottom that is created from this is connected to the extreme flexibility and the proper walk. This special method of combining the sole and the upper portion together creates a shoe that won’t lose shape.
*Vulcanization is not used on Pre-Shoes
*Depending on the design, some shoes do not use vulcanization.

Delicate Handiwork

Vulcanization Method

  • Do you know about babies feet?
  • There are lots of complexities.
  • Manufacturing that knows baby’s feet.
  • The shoes you choose change with baby’s growth.