<Foot Design>

Designed with space for the toes.

When a baby’s foot touches the ground, because the bones are still soft, the toes spread in a fan shape. In order not to hinder the movement of these toes, the shoes are designed with enough space to allow the toes to act as if they are grabbing the ground.

<Strong Heel Support>

Heel Support That Encourages Walking

Baby’s feet are easily affected by the ground and the heel can easily tumble. If the heel turns too much inward then a proper walk cannot be developed. The large and sturdy heel support sets the heel in the proper position and prevents inward turning while also giving the impression of being one with the shoe and creating a good walk.
*Only available in First Shoes and Second Shoes.

<Toe Spring>

Curved to Prevent Tumbles

When baby is in the wobbly walking stage, the toes do not easily bend upwards making it difficult to maintain balance; it is easy to trip and fall. With a proper curve at the toes, the shoes are designed to prevent tripping.
*Only available in First Shoes and Second Shoes.

<Flex Sole>

A Sole That Bends In The Proper Spot

An inflexible sole can hinder a natural walking style as well as place stress on the bones and muscles and cause tumbles. MIKI HOUSE shoes are designed with a flexible sole that bends with the foot allowing for a smooth walk and the development of proper foot shape.
*Only available in First Shoes and Second Shoes.

  • Do you know about babies feet?
  • There are lots of complexities.
  • Manufacturing that knows baby’s feet.
  • The shoes you choose change with baby’s growth.