Babies feet are delicate.

The majority of a baby’s foot is comprised mostly of cartilage that will gradually become bone as the body grows. This shape of this cartilage is easily changed. During this time, the use of improperly fitted shoes impedes the correct development of not just foot, but the entire skeletal structure. Let’s choose the perfect shoes in order to not hinder proper foot growth.

Baby Walking Style

Baby and adult feet are very different, thus the walking style is very different. Adults walk by touching the heel to the ground first and then leaving the ground from their toes. Babies have an unsteady walk by placing the whole underside of the foot to the ground and shuffling the feet with the knees bent. This causes babies to easily trip and fall. Let’s choose shoes that have a proper curve at the toes to prevent tripping.

Babies’ Feet Are Sweaty

Despite babies’ feet being small, the number of sweat glands is the same as those of an adult. Thus, the density of the sweat glands is very high in relation to the size of the foot meaning that the foot produces more sweat. Sweat does not just create an unpleasant smell, it can also create problems for the skin. Let’s choose shoes that provide appropriate air circulation and socks that wick away sweat.

  • Do you know about babies feet?
  • There are lots of complexities.
  • Manufacturing that knows baby’s feet.
  • The shoes you choose change with baby’s growth.